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 Hello can I post this here?

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MensagemAssunto: Hello can I post this here?   3/8/2011, 07:49

Hello.RIPPING, ENCODING, EVERYTHING IS FINE UNTIL... - I've been doing this for awhile, and never have a problem, well still till now I don't have a problem with backing it up, encoding, ripping, even burning. But there is one problem. When I got through the whole process, and finally the DVD pops out to tell me that it's finished burning, I pop the DVD in my DVD PLAYER, and doesn't seem to work at all, my DVD says that it can't read disc, so what I do is put it in my laptop and try to play it from there, and my laptop doesn't even read it at all, so then I take it out to see if anything is burnt on it, and a full DVD is writtin ont he disc. Just for some reason it won't play. I've been having this problem for certain DVDs, even some old ones. I'm thinking it can't be my programs, because it burns it fine for some movies, and i've been using these programs for a while, just seems to be some kind of setting that i'm doing wrong? or aomething, can any one please help me, I'd like start making full back ups again of my collection.
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Hello can I post this here?
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